Track the value of your staked Cardano-cryptocurrency in realtime.

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stakit screen design portfolio management

Staked Token Performance

Stay up to date with the value and performance of your staked cryptocurrency portfolio.

stakit screen design pool management

Node Performance

Get information about every block that has been acquired by your chosen node and how this affects your investment.

For Staked Cardano (ADA) Cryptocurrency

At the time of launching, only Cardano Blockchain will be supported by this app.

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sundae icon is hosting a Sundae DEX scooper node

2022-01-17 - 22:38

With a Sundae DEX scooper node processes transactions for the Sundae DEX. With that effort we're further supporting the Cardano project and the future of the decentralized network.

Attention: There are pools trying to imitate STI pools. To be sure your delegation performs with STI quality, delegate to one of the following pools: